Scribblings from the hard shoulder of the Information Superhighway

Old Music

My journey home last night was, almost inevitably, delayed. Although National Express didnt deign to explain why a fifty minute train journey should be delayed by about fifteen minutes.

Never mind, I spent some time trawling though my iPod and choosing some oldies to listen to.

While I was working in Edinburgh last year there were discussions about who had the least modern music on their iPods and it was decided that I didnt have a single album less that twenty years old loaded up,

I tried protesting that the Travelling Wilburys (an album I cant help smiling when I listen to that) was less than a month old, and that Long Road out of Eden by The Eagles was only a couple of weeks old, but the consensus amongst my young, trendy team was that they didnt count. They were old music.

So, rummaging through my collection of old music, I selected Queen II, from 1974. I maintain that this album is probably a forgotten classic, musically foreshadowing many of Queens later triumphs, while staying true to Freddies original literary aspirations. I remember Freddie telling me about his Rhye fantasy stories back when I was buying shirts from him in Kensignton Market, just down the road from Biba.

Okay, so its old music, but who cares, it still has the power to move me.