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(Amy Jo Johnson) The Fairway Diner, Hullbridge

I’m always on the lookout for somewhere new for a weekend breakfast, and had read good reviews of the Fairway Diner in Hullbridge, so one wet Sunday morning I gave it a try.

Outside The Fairway Diner, Hullbridge @

Outside The Fairway Diner, Hullbridge

The Fairway sits opposite the Rayleigh Golf Club, on Hullbridge Road, hence its name. It’s located in a compound that looks to have once been a garden centre, but I may be mistaken, there’s a large annexe across the front.

Inside The Fairway Diner, Hullbridge @
I have to say, it was packed when I arrived, but I found a table and was promptly attended to.

Breakfast menu at The Fairway Diner, Hullbridge @

Breakfast Menu

I ordered the ‘Pig Out Breakfast’ that comprised “Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Burger, chips, Beans, Hash Browns, Tomatoes and Mushrooms” with a slice of bread & butter and a mug of tea.

Pig Out Breakfast at The Fairway Diner, Hullbridge @

Pig Out Breakfast

I should have checked the menu more closely, when my breakfast arrived, as there was no tomato or mushroom, and it’s hash browns or chips.

That said, it was all freshly cooked and tasty, a burger for breakfast was a new one on me, but it was all okay. Service was friendly and efficient.

The place was still busy as I left.

I might try them another time for Pie & Mash, but I’ll give them a miss for breakfast.

Rating: ★★★☆☆